Top 10 RICHEST Women In The World!


#10. “Oprah Winfrey”

 With a net worth of 3 billion dollars, the ex-talk show host is world famous and is the richest female entertainer alive today. Oprah has gained incredible self-made wealth by her entrepreneurial genius and turning her name into its own brand. She came from poverty to become an Oscar nominated actress and then achieved superstar status with her daily talk show. Using her talk-show as a foundation she branched into other lucrative business ventures, she has her own magazine called “O, The Oprah Magazine”, has her own television network OWN and helped co-found the Oxygen Network. Her website, is one of the most visited websites by women. Oprah was the first female black billionaire and is an extremely generous philanthropist who seeks to help men and women of all races all over the world.

#9. “Julia Louis-Dreyfus”

The actress famous for her role in Seinfeld and in the show VEEP isn’t on the list due to the wealth accrued from acting. In fact her current net worth is a measly two-hundred million dollars compared to the others on this list. Julia Louis-Dreyfus makes the list due to what she stands to inherit. Julia’s father Gerard Louis-Dreyfus was the great grandson of Leopold Louis-Dreyfus who founded the Louis-Dreyfus group a global merchant company that specializes in agriculture and food processing. Gerard went on to inherit the company from his father and was the CEO until his death in 2016. Upon his death Gerard was worth over $3 billion dollars. Not much is known to as whether Julia has inherited any of this or stand to, but her name alone is worth more than she could probably ever hope to earn from acting.

#8 “Joan Tisch”

Joan Tisch is the widow of Bob Tisch who owned a part of the oil, gas and insurance company Loews and more famously the New York Giants football team. When Bob passed in 2005, Joan inherited his 50% portion of the team and his part of Loews, making her net worth today over $4 billion dollars. This fortune makes her the richest female owner of a professional sports team. Her partial ownership of the Giants alone is worth an estimated one and a half billion dollars. Joan uses her money and public influence to back various charities, most notably those in search of a cure for AIDS.

#7. “Laurene Powell Jobs”

 Laurene Jobs is the widow of Steve Jobs, inventor and founder of Apple. Upon his early death at the age of 56, Laurene inherited his money and his corporate holdings and her current worth is estimated on the low end as just over $11 billion dollars. She is a major player in education and immigration reform in the United States and also founded a food company known as Terravera that specializes in organic foods. She also is the owner of a 7% share of the Disney company and Forbes recently listed her as the 29th most powerful woman in the world. She is beloved all over the world for her philanthropy and dedication to children’s causes.

 #6. “Abigail Johnson”

Abigail is the granddaughter of Edward Johnson II who founded the company Fidelity Investments in 1946. She took over for her father as chairman in 2016 and is now worth over 14 billion dollars. She honed her skills by studying at Harvard, then interning and eventually working as a stock analyst for the company before stepping into her father’s spot at the head of Fidelity. The company handles literal trillions of dollars worth of investments and is one of the most important companies on Wall Street. In 2016, Abigail was ranked as the 16th most powerful woman in the world by Forbes.

#5. “Charlene de Carvalho-Heineken ”

Charlene de Carvalho-Heineken as you may have guessed the owner of the controlling stake and an executive director for Heineken NV on of the world’s largest beer and beverage distributors with over 200 different brands. She inherited the company upon the passing of her father Freddy and though she never was initially groomed to take-over is now worth over 15 billion dollars, and is one of the most revered business women in the world. Though she has received offers from other international beverage companies to purchase Heineken and make her even wealthier, she has refused as she takes pride in Heineken being family controlled.

#4. “Jacqueline Badger Mars”

The heiress to the Mars candy manufacturing company, Jacqueline Mars is worth upwards of $25 billion dollars. Mars candy makes M&Ms, Snickers, Twix and Ethel M candies just to name a few. Jackie Mars currently owns a third of the company which she splits with her brother John and the family of her late brother Forrest Jr. She spends her spare time serving on the boards for various historical societies and museums like the Smithsonian Institute. She spends her money and free time on her farm raising horses, many of which go on to be ridden in Olympic events. She is currently considered the richest person in the District of Columbia and the fourth richest woman in the world.

#3. “Alice Walton”

 Is the daughter of Sam Walton the founder of Walmart and is worth an estimated 38 billion dollars, making her the richest woman in the United States. While her brothers Jim and Rob work for the company that they inherited from their father Alice prefers to spend her time working in the art community as a curator and collector. The museum she runs in Arkansas, called Crystal Bridges, is home to dozens of works of monumental artists such as Norman Rockwell and Andy Warhol. Meanwhile, her personal art collection is worth almost a billion dollars on its own. Alice also uses her vast fortune to donate to many different children’s charities. Her sister-in-law Christy Walton, the widow of John Walton is one of the richest women in the world with an estimated net worth of $6 billion dollars.

#2. “Melinda Gates”

 Melinda Gates makes our list due to her marriage to the richest man in the world Bill Gates, whose estimated net worth is over 85 billion dollars. But Melinda is more than just arm candy for the Microsoft mogul–she was already a successful employee at Microsoft in her own right before marrying Bill. Since then she has used her influence for a large amount of philanthropic endeavors through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which seeks to improve education through the globe. She also fights several causes for women such as funding contraception and women’s healthcare in third world countries. Because of these efforts Melinda received the distinguished presidential Medal of Freedom in 2016. For the last six years in a row she has been ranked in the top 10 most powerful women in the world list by Forbes.

#1. “Liliane Bettencourt”

94-year-old French native, Liliane Bettencourt, is the richest woman in the world with an estimated net worth of almost 45 billion dollars. Liliane made these billions when she inherited the the global cosmetics mega-corporation L’Oreal from her father Eugene Schueller . She was in charge of the company from 1957 when her father died until 2012 when she ceded her position on the board to her grandson Jean-Victor , as she was suffering from dementia. The company L’Oreal specializes in creating and distributing everything from shampoos, lotions and makeup, to a record number of nanotechnological inventions. Liliane has used her enormous fortune to pursue her love of art, her personal collection is valued at over 23 million dollars and contains works from art masters such as Matisse and Picasso. She also uses her wealth to fund the Bettencourt Schueller Foundation which has its hands in various charitable causes from humanitarian aid to scientific education. The foundation has a striking operating budget of over $70 million dollars per year to spend on these efforts. In 2016, Bettencourt was involved in a court case in which her son sued to be her legal guardian citing that her dementia had caused her to be scammed by a celebrity photographer. She had thought that the photographer was a close friend when in reality he was using her for cash and gifts that totaled a staggering 1.3 billion dollars.

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